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Infineon offers a unique portfolio that links the real and digital world with an easier and green world. Semiconductors from Infineon enable efficient energy management, smart mobility, as well as secure, seamless communications in an increasingly connected world.

Our technologies help make cars, trains, industrial plants, data centers, consumer electronics, and household appliances as energy efficient as possible and their interactions as secured as possible.

Explore and discover more on Infineon offerings to make your life easier, green, and safer. Our semiconductors enable efficient energy management, smart mobility, as well as secure, seamless communications in an increasingly connected world. We invite you on a journey to discover what’s possible today or may become real tomorrow from the products and solution offerings from Infineon. Learn how the technological key trends Energy Efficiency, Mobility, Security, IoT & Big Data are changing our lives. And, even more, let us fascinate you.

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Complete autonomous shield with XENSIV™ BGT6OL TR11AIP radar sensor MMIC

Summary of Features:

• 20 mm x 6.25 mm size
• 2 LEDs illustrating the sensor outputs
• Radar MMIC is configured in Autonomous mode
• Form factor compatibility with Arduino MKR board


• Up to 7 m detection range for human targets
• Less than 2 mW power consumption possible
• Requires minimal external circuitry


Equipped with one DPS310 barometric pressure sensor and come with a ready to use Arduino library

Summary of Features:

  • Ultra-high +/-0.005 hPa resolution (equating to +/-5 cm)
  • Very good temperature stability due to a linear temperature dependency.
  • Relative accuracy +0.06 hPa
  • Integrated FIFO can store up to 32  pressure/temperature measurements, which enables energy savings on system level
  • Optimized energy usage (fully configurable precision and measurement rate)

Potential Applications:

Smart home. Wearables (sport & fitness
tracking), Drones, Indoor and outdoor
navigation, Accurate altitude metering,
Weather forecast and storm warning, loT
applications. HDDs


Can be powered from a high-voltage USB PD port

Flexible prototyping:

  • Easy access to all the I/Os of the PMG1-S2 microcontroller in a breadboard-compatible format.
  • Includes Infineon’s KitProg Programmer and Debugger to program and debug the target PMG1-S2  microcontroller via SWD
    using ModusToolbox™ or Infineon Programmer. KitProg also supports
    USB-UART bridge and USB-12C bridge features.

Supported Software:

  • Application development on CY7112 EZ-PD™M PMG1-S2 Prototyping Kit can be done using Modus Toolbox Modus Toolbox ™ is a set of multi-platform development tools and a comprehensive suite of GitHub hosted firmware.

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