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Time : 09:00AM IST
24 August 2023 | Hotel Radisson Blu at Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

What this event is about :

Keysight Aerospace Defense Symposium, our annual face-to-face technology conference, is back. As we witness the new age revolution and innovations in terms of connectivity, security, intelligence and analytics, our annual series is an attempt to address some of the design, emulation, test and measurement challenges.
Keysight delivers and customizes design, emulation, and test solutions that span across complex signal generation and analysis for electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO), spectrum monitoring, and signal analysis for military intelligence and homeland security. Keysight provides solutions for everything from secure military communications (MilCom) to 5G and beyond, allowing engineers to push the limits on space and satellite communications (SatCom), radar, avionics, electronic warfare (EW), and signals intelligence (SIGNT), while withstanding harsh environments in the field.

Agenda | 24 August, 2023 at Hyderabad | 9:00AM to 4:30PM

Timing Topic
09:00AM-09:30AM Registrations
09:30AM-09:45AM Welcome Keynote
09:45AM-10:15AM Technology trends in AD – Design, Emulate, Test & Measure
10:15AM-11:00AM Network Modeling and Digital Twins
11:00AM-11:30AM Tea Break / Demo Networking
11:30AM-12:15PM RF Channel Emulation of Satellite Network in lab
12:15PM-12:45PM Design Challenges for Phased Arrays Systems
12:45PM-13:15PM Detect and Analyze Electronic Counter Measures in dense environment
13:15PM-14:15PM Lunch Break / Demo Networking
14:15PM-14:45PM Mastering component level testing with network analyzers
14:45PM-15:30PM Securing the Skies: Unveiling Cybersecurity Frontiers in Aerospace Defense
15:30PM-16:15PM Ultra wideband Signal Generation & Analysis
16:15PM-16:30PM Benefits of OEM Calibration
16:30PM Thanks Note/Lucky draw

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