Kria SOM - KV260 Development and Machine Learning Acceleration

March 3, 2022 | 10:30AM IST


Presented in collaboration with Xilinx Kria SOM partner Logictronix, this webinar will focus on the methodologies about Machine Learning Acceleration, developing ML based solution on Xilinx Kria KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit, creating custom Accelerated Applications for Kria SOMs. During the webinar, we will also discuss how to use Petalinux or Yocto layers for creating customization on real world solutions and creating Vitis Video Analytics SDK based pipelines for ML inference.

Kria SOMs are capable of running higher configuration of DPU. Through the demonstration and presentation, we will introduce how to run multiple Machine Learning models on Kria with a single or multiple input streams, including a demonstration to showcase Logictronix’s Real-time Vehicle License Plate Detection and Recognition (ANPR) solution based on Kria KV260. This demo runs multiple neural network models for performance and accuracy optimization.

Come and join us to discover how Xilinx Kria SOM is addressing the requirements of executing ML applications efficiently on edge devices.

Featured Speakers

Quenton Hall
AI System Architect, Xilinx

Sanam Shakya
Senior Embedded ML Engineer, Logictronix Technologies

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