Welcome to this enlightening quiz, crafted to challenge and affirm your understanding of the profound dialogue on the evolution of WiFi technology, specifically the advent of WiFi 7, as discussed between Mark Patrick from Mouser and Bruno Tomas, the CTO of the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA).

The discourse unfolds a narrative of how WiFi has evolved over the decades, the promising horizon that WiFi 7 presents, and the pivotal role of organizations like the WBA in fostering interoperability and innovation in the wireless ecosystem. It dives deep into the technical advancements that WiFi 7 is poised to bring, including enhanced speed, reduced latency, and much more.

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The Tech Between Us

Join guest host Mark Patrick, Technical Content Director, EMEA for a discussion with Bruno Tomas, CTO, Wireless Broadband Alliance on the future of communications with WiFi7.As CTO of the Connectivity Standards Alliance, Chris shares his deep expertise and insights into the current landscape of smart home connectivity, shedding light on the advancements in wireless technologies, the importance of open standards, and the role of interoperability in shaping the future of connected homes.

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