Optimizing Health through Digital Therapeutics

Want to dive deep into groundbreaking technologies and the most promising developments in the realm of Digital Therapeutics? 
Join Raymond Yin, Mouser‘s Director of Technical Content, as he explores new technologies and promising developments in Digital Therapeutics with Dr Smit Patel, Associate Program Director, Digital Medicine Society (DiMe Society).

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The Tech Between Us

In this episode of “The Tech Between Us,” the spotlight shines on a technology that affects individuals in the most personal way – Digital Therapeutics. The landscape of healthcare has been steadily transitioning towards the digital realm, a shift that has gained significant momentum during recent pandemic times. Contemporary digital healthcare solutions, such as telemedicine, have not only become the norm but, in several instances, the preferred mode of medical consultation. The integration of healthcare into everyday life is more apparent than ever, with devices like insulin pumps, blood glucose meters, and wearables seamlessly transmitting data to centralized systems. It’s like envisioning a vigilant overseer with a stethoscope, monitoring the pulse of digital health advancements. Watch this video to delve deeper into this intriguing domain.

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