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FAQ: Experts, Speakers & Talks

FAQ: Speakers

If you’re reading this FAQ, then it means you’re exploring the option of sharing your knowledge and expertise with the audience at Tech World Congress.

TWC is an ‘online only’ expo-cum-conference that aims to enable informed decisions by its audiences–primarily technical and business decision makers, related to the world of Tech.

We hope this FAQ will enable you to make an informed decision too. For any question unanswered, feel free to add it as a comment…

Q. What is Tech World Congress? What are its goals? Who are its audiences?
A. Tech World Congress is an ‘online only’ expo-cum-conference focused on tech.

It’s goal is to enable its audiences to take informed decisions related to technology.

But, TWC is much more than these 2 statements. To fully understand the event, click here.

Q. Is TWC an India-only event? What is its typical audience profile?
A. TWC started from India, but the % of global audience has grown from 8% (Trial Edition) to 18% in July 2020. And, since technology is a ‘global’ topic–we expect the audience to become increasingly global. You can get a better understanding of the profile of TWC’s audience by clicking here.

Q. When will I get an opportunity to speak? When is the next edition of Tech World Congress (TWC)?
A. TWC is currently a monthly event, with certain themes remaining common (ex: electronics design, development of IoT solutions) and certain themes changing from edition to edition (ex: greenTECH, Open Source Electronics, Industry 4.0 & IIoT, etc).

Hence, we evaluate your profile and your submission of talks against the planned themes, and reach out to you.

We also update all experts who’ve registered with us about the forthcoming themes–so that if they can speak on that subject–we can invite their talk.

Q. How can I submit my talk?
A. You can submit your talk (anytime) by clicking here.

Q. If I have any queries, whom can I contact with?
A. You can shoot at email to OR Expect a reply within 2 working days–if your question is not already answered on this FAQ.

Q. What’s the deadline for submission of talks?
A. Typically, we need the talk to submitted 2 weeks before the event. At max, it can be 1 week before.

Q. How much time do we take to revert for a talk submitted?
A. If you have submitted a talk for a specific event, with a defined theme, then we will revert within 3-4 working days. If you’ve submitted a talk on call-me-when-you-focus-on-this-theme basis, then we will contact you near the planned event.

Q. Are these submissions for online events only, or are they for on-the-ground events too?
A. We organise on-the-ground events too. And, we hope to organise them, once things go back to normal. Hence, we plan to invite our panel of experts for both types of talks–online and on-the-ground.

Having said that, we plan to organise a much larger number of online events than on-the-ground events.

Q. What is the format of the online talks? Are they recorded or LIVE?
A. The talks are like all other webinars. We prefer LIVE talks, but at times–can go for Recorded too–but in the case of the latter, would expect the speaker to be online during the course of her/his talk to reply to queries of the audience.

Q. Are these talks as a part of a panel, or solo?
A. We do both types. You can indicate which format are you more comfortable with.

Q. What is the typical duration of the talks and panel discussions?
A. We prefer to have talks (like TED Talks) for 20 mins followed by a Q&A for 10 minutes. Panel discussions are typically planned for 45 to 60 minutes, with 10 to 15 minutes for Q&A planned within that time band.

Q. What are the platforms used for Webinars?
A. We use a range of webinar platforms including Zoom, Webinarjam, and Get Response. We also use Google Meet for smaller webinars (upto 50) and round-table meetings.


Q. Are these sessions recorded? What happens to those recordings?
A. Yes, they are recorded and these recordings are then shared with our audiences from time to time. We will also be sharing the links of your recording with you.

IMP: At times, we encounter lapses or tech challenges, in which case we are unable to record. If recording is IMP for you, we recommend that you depute someone to record in parallel.

Q. Is there any post-event activity or updates?
A. Yes, within a week of the event, we will send you the Certificate of Appreciation and a link to your recording.

Also, if the same gets transcribed to be featured as an article on our website or magazine, then that team will also contact you to recheck accuracy of the transcribed text, and if you’d like to add anything.

Q. In a nutshell, what are the possible outcomes of the talk?
A. Here’s a snapshot of possible outcomes of talks:
1. The talk itself
2. The Video recording
3. Article on website
4. Article in publication


Q. Will EFY team promote my talk on social media? Can I promote it too?
A. Yes, EFY team does promote most of the talks on our Social Media communities and pages including LinkedIn, and Facebook.

And, yes–you can surely promote these talks too. We will be happy to share the creatives that our team uses to promote the talks.

Q. Is there any # tag or LinkedIn page associated with Tech World Congress?
A. The # tag used to promote TWC include: #TWC and #TechWorldCongress.

The LinkedIN page associated can be viewed here.

Q. Do visitors have to pay to attend these talks or are they for free?
A. Most of our Online talks are free-to-attend, while most of our on-the-ground events are ticketed. But, there’s no thumb of rule here.

Q. How do visitors to TWC come to know about the conference and my talk?
A. TWC has a clearly marked Conference Center which is visible from the top navigation menu at all times. At the Conference Center, all talks that are yet to happen are displayed.

Plus, the entire conference schedule is also published on our website–as it gets finalised under the Conference menu.

Q. Is there a direct URL available to share with my connects?
A. No. Our conference center is accessible via the TWC platform for registered users only. Hence, there is NO direct URL made available.


Q. How will I get to know that my talk has been selected?
A. A team member will speak to you or send an email to you–to reconfirm your interest in speaking at specific date(s). They will share with you the plausible time slots. Once you confirm your availability and select your preferred time slot–they will confirm the same in written, along with tips and guidelines.

They will seek your photo and byline (introduction) which they can publish on the website and all promotional material.

A day before the event, they will send a reminder and share the URL for the webinar platform and request for a copy of your presentation and/or video–so they can upload the same on the platform, in advance.

An hour before your session, they will then connect with you to reconfirm your slot and answer any queries that you may have.

Q. What happens if my Internet gets disconnected in between my session?
A. The hall manager (we still call them the same) will be your co-host and will keep the session alive for 5 minutes. During this time she/he or their colleagues will try and establish contact with you too. If they get a reconfirmation from you that you will return soon–they will update the audience. Else, they will apologise on your behalf and ask audience to switch to another session or check out the expo.

Q. What tips should I follow to ensure an error-free presentation?
A. We’ve been there, done that. And, we’ve seen hundreds of speakers face a variety of challenges. Here’re some tips that can reduce chances of a goof-up…

  1. Charge your laptop–have it fully charged, so that even if there’s a power-cut, your laptop continues to work
  2. If you have a UPS, make sure your Internet router is on it. And, if you’re using a desktop for presentation, then please do put it on the UPS too.
  3. Present from a location where you have access to wired Internet. Highter the bandwidth the better it is.
  4. Have a mobile device handy, which has Internet on it–to be used in case your wired Internet goes down.
  5. Share the phone number of a colleague or a family member with our team, whom they can reach out to–during your session–to indicate to you to pause and speak to us. (This one is a LIFE SAVER).
  6. Do share the DISCLAIMER at the beginning of your session that since you’re presenting over the Internet–there could be lapses due to bandwidth at your side or that of the audience. And, that in case of an issue, you may PAUSE the session and then resume quickly.
  7. When presenting, park yourself in a room where chances of you being disturbed are the least.

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