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The experience at India Technology Week has been unique. People who have plans to continue business operations attended the event. There was no dearth of visitors. Not only is ITW cost efficient for companies like us, but it is something that we will want to participate in normal times as well. I think in the longer run, this is how events for the electronics industry will take place! IoTonDemand will continue to help OEMs in making products smart through EFY's ITW platform.

Bhawna Srivastava, Sales Manager, IoTOnDemand

India Technology Week has been a fabulous experience. There were loads for opportunities here. This was our first experience for an 'event from home' for us. We spoke to many people interested in our products and solutions. We see many of these as our future clients.

Umang Vandra, Netstar

It has been a great experience participating in the trial version of India Technology Week. We have not experienced anything like this before in the past. The experience has been beautiful and full of learning. I think the event will be helpful for us in making new business connections.

Rahul Das, GP Tronics

Initially there were technical hiccups, but they were resolved by the team. The overall experience at India Technology Week has been good. We saw a good number of visitors and enquiries. CMoS processors are looking forward towards the main event now.

Sivakumar R, CMoS Processors

The two days at the trial version of India Technology Week have been good. It feels superb to be sitting at the comfort of my home and still acquiring new business. We would like to approach visitors from our end in the main edition and make things faster.

Aum Naik, 3idea Anet

We are quite thrilled to have participated in the world's first online event on this scale. Different people have contacted us for our products and solutions at India Technology Week. We are sure we will be able to do much better in the main edition as well.

Arun, Founder, ThroughApps

There were some technical problems in the beginning that were sorted by the EFY team. We got some leads during the two days of the trial event as well. I got calls from vendors as well as potential customers. I think the main edition will be more grand as we will be able to make more leads from the platform. The idea is going to be a good one in the future as well!

Ashvin Navadia, CEO, Vinrox Technologies

The India Technology Week event has been completely like a physical event. Having a trial edition before the main edition was a good idea too. This way all the problems can be solved before the main edition. We have got some enquiries and are waiting to see how many convert into business. Now, we are looking forward to the main edition of India Technology Week.

Ganesh M, Pulsars

The overall concept of India Technology Week has been good. I think this will create a lot of value for exhibitors and participants like us. India Technology Week has replaced normal events in the epidemic time. I feel this will become the new normal in future. We want to see how the main edition of India Technology Week unfolds.

Rakesh Agarwal, Lattice Semiconductors

India Technology Week is a very good initiative given the present circumstances. We have the main edition scheduled for the second week of May and I think it will be better. EFY needs to organise such events and promote globalisation even in normal times. We expect that the main edition of India Technology Week will be bigger and better.

S Kalicharan, AVP, Sales & Marketing Networks, Teltonika

India Technology Week is a good opportunity for companies like us. This is the first time that we are getting such good exposure without stepping out of the home. It has been amazing to be a part of the trial edition. I think the main edition will give us an opportunity to go global as well!

Irfan, Rico Control

An Online Only Expo is an excellent idea. Sitting at home anybody can come and visit the expo. While we have received good number of enquiries in the trial edition of India Technology Week, we would like to see more people from our target audience in the Main Edition.

Rohini, Acorn Controls

EFY has taken a great initiative in the form of India Technology. Conducting a trial edition before the main edition is the icing on the cake. Trial edition has prepared us for the main edition. We have been able to make business connections in the trial edition and I think the main edition will give us more exposure! I think ITW is an important chapter in PM Narendra Modi's vision of Digital India.

Basawaraj, Mornsun Power