Venue: Attend online via your Mobile/Desktop Browser
Cost to Attend: Free for All
Date: Will be announced soon!

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Venue: Attend online via your Mobile/Desktop Browser
Date: 23rd February 2022
Cost to Attend: Free for All

Coming soon


Physical Venue: KTPO, Bengaluru, India
Virtual Venue: www.techworldcongress.com
Date: 8-10 June 2022


TWC is the world’s leading platform for tech e-events. Developed by the Electronics For You team,
during Corona-induced lockdown, TWC has played host to a range of e-events including India Technology Week, Drone World, Open Source India, Intel’s AI Summit, SODA-Con, and more. TWC is a super-scalable platform for
expos and conferences.


July 28 2021 • Virtual Show

The show that focuses on IoT Startups and enables them to grow.

August 25 2021 • Virtual Show

Comprihensive show dedicated to battery industry of  India to showcase latest tech, trends & solutions

04th December, 2021 • Virtual Show

India Opportunities in Semiconductor Packaging - Sector wise perspective of an OSAT

26 November, 2021 • Virtual Show

eBikes are a topic that our techie audience don’t just want to create, but also want to experience.

25th January 2021 • Virtual Event

Establishing An Eco-System For Semiconductors And Display Products In India - Opportunities, Challenges & Road Ahead

23rd February 2022 • Virtual Event

A unqiue e-event for Design and R&D personnel working on cutting edge electronics and IoT solutions for the Aerospace & Defence sector. Discover the latest tech in electronics and IoT for aerospace & defence.

27th April 2022 • Virtual Event

Developing smart solutions for Industry 4.0? Suplychain, logistics or manufacturing, if you're developing an electronics or IoT solution, then you want to attend this e-event. Discover latest tech that will empower you to develop cutting edge solutions.

8-10th June 2022 • Bengaluru, India • Hybrid Event

India's only event for developers or deployers of IoT solutions. Discover latest technologies that can make your IoT solutions better, faster and cheaper. Listen to global experts and experience cutting edge solutions first hand.

8-10th June 2022 • Bengaluru, India • Hybrid Event

India's only event for R&D and Design professionals developing cutting edge electronics and embedded systems solutions. At the conference, listen to global experts share their mantras for success, and technologies that are reshaping the future. At the expo, experience cutting-edge components, boards, equipment and software solutions that will enable you to design hardware deserving of the label "Designed in India".

December 2021 • Virtual Show

Unique JOB fair on electronics & IoT industry with insights from experts in various industries

6th July 2022 • Virtual Event

An e-event for developers of Drones. Listen to tech experts and discover cutting edge solutions that will enable you to stay ahead of the curve in the Drone World.

24th August 2022 • Virtual Event

Connectivity, Autonomous vehicles, Shared Mobility and Electrification (CASE) have been driving technology growth in the Automotive engineering industry since a few years now. Join us to discover what’s at the cutting edge today in 2022.

29-30th September, 2022 • Bengaluru, India • Hybrid Event

Asia's leading event for 'developers' and 'deployers' of Open Source Software. Listen to experts from across the globe shed light on what's the latest and best in the World of Open Source. Plus, discover opportunities to make a contribution.

20th October 2022 • Virtual Event

A virtual event bringing together experts to share what’s latest in IoT and security. The conference focuses on helping discover innovative techniques, get actionable insights, and learn recognised best practices to secure IoT or cyber physical system; all of which are delivered by cybersecurity professionals leveraging their real-world successes or failures.

14th December 2022 • Virtual Event

A virtual event for techies developing latest medical-tech or health-tech solutions. Via the conference, listen to experts share their success stories, tech that worked, the latest tech that's just arrived, and the one to expect soon. Be geared to face the future with confidence.

Date: Yet to be finalised • Virtual Show

T&M India 2021 is an attempt from the EFY Group to discuss and bring forth the latest tech trends in the field of electronic test & measurement.


December 2021 • Virtual Show

Unique JOB fair on electronics & IoT industry with insights from experts in various industries



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The Speakers’ Lounge

We’ve created an exclusive e-Lounge for speakers of Tech World Congress (aka India Technology Week) to network with each other. This e-Lounge is open to

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Topics & Issues to Focus On

Which are the topics Tech World Congress wants to focus on? Which are the subjects the Electronics For You team is inviting speakers on? It’s all here…

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We cannot thank our tech community enough for the super encouraging response that they gave to our first edition of TWC (May Edition). We had set a target of 7.5K as the base figure to achieve. 10k was to be the figure which meant that we had done well…


Happy to share that since June edition of Tech World Congress (aka India Technology Week), we have been donating 10 per cent of our exhibitor-fee-revenue to charitable organisations that take care of children and enable them to grow into self-sufficient citizens. We’re indebted to our exhibitors for enabling this ‘magic’ in our lives.

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