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We promise to help. Thanks to you.

Helping Chidren

We feel blessed and grateful for this incredible opportunity made available to us–wherein by creating this unique platform, we are able to provide value to our exhibitors and visitors.

This opportunity emerged and took shape during one of the most darkest hours in the history of Electronics For You–created by the lock-down and social distancing norms.

During the initial dark days, all of us got a taste of what true helplessness felt like. What does it feel like that despite you wanting to put your best foot forward, do all the hard-work required, but still you can’t seem to escape the black-hole create by circumstances.

Thankfully, we managed to escape.

But, it made us realise that there are millions of us, who are unable to. Especially, young children who are not even self-sufficient.

Perhaps, they need a helping hand.

Hence, the Electronics For You team has decided to set aside 10 per cent of our revenue earned through exhibitor fee–for donating to charitable organisations that take care of children and enable them to grow into self-sufficient citizens.

This post is not aimed to boast about the same. Instead, it’s a public declaration to ensure we don’t go back on our promise.

Starting after the June 2020 edition of TWC, we will keep sharing details of contributions being made within 2 weeks of the event being held.

We would love to see our exhibitors, and our visitors (who are the reason why exhibitors pay us) ask us for details about contributions made–and we will be happy to provide all details possible.

If you’re aware of any good organisations/NGOs working in this field–do let us know. We are seeking those that have negligible admin costs and use most of their funds for benefiting the children–and are transparent about their spending patterns.

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