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Q. What’s an Online Only Expo?

A. An online-only expo is an event where both visitors and exhibitors come together on an online platform (website/app) and interact with each other.

Q. Why do we need an Online Only Expo?

A. With ‘Social Distancing’ becoming a way of life–the prospect of organising traditional events where we get to physically meet each other–seems a bit challenging in the near future. But, the need for Buyers and Sellers to connect–remains.

Besides the risk to health and safety because of diseases like Corona, traditional events involve a lot of investments–man-power, travel, materials, physical exhibits, shipment of products and equipment, etc–all a burden on our environment.

Thus, we believe an Online Only expo is to traditional events, what Google is to traditional phone directories.

Q. What would an Online Only Expo look like? How will we interact with exhibitors?

A. That’s a million dollar question and we’ve been asking the same from our design team—since the concept was conceived.

Q. What’s in it for the audiences?

A. To begin with–it’s a much GREENer event than any other physical event. And, then…

  • You can engage in face-to-face interactions without any fear of contracting any disease
  • You can visit this event from the comfort of your office or home!
  • You do not need to waste time, energy and resources in travelling to the venue and then going from booth to booth
  • You can identify the right exhibits and exhibitors and interact with them
  • You do NOT lose the element of DISCOVERY of a typical event–many interactive features enable you to DISCOVER seamlessly
  • You get access to details of all exhibitors who EXCHANGE cards with you–so no need to save cards
  • You get to INTERACT with exhibitors LIVE and face to face via VIDEO streaming options
  • You can download, save and manage all important information on your device–while you are visiting the event

Q. How can I find the exhibitors and the solutions I seek?

A. Thanks to a web-based interface, enabling you to find the right Exhibits and Exhibitors is easier than in the normal world.

We will be showcasing different halls of Exhibits and Exhibitors based on different categories. You can then browse through their details and interact with the ones that suit your needs.

Q. What are the similarities and differences between an online-only expo and a traditional expo?

A. While designing our Online Only expo platform, we tried to look at the core values that a traditional expo creates for its exhibitors and visitors. We wanted to see how many of these values can be replicated by the Online Only expo, and which of them will get sacrificed. Here’s how our online-only expo compares:

  1. Enables Buyers and Sellers to have face-to-face interactions. Yes! Our platform will enable face to face interactions too–using the power of video conferencing tools.
  2. Enables Buyers and Sellers to be there at one place at the same time. This will certainly be achieved. Tech World Congress (TWC) will be held on specific dates within specific time slots, so that Exhibitors and Visitors can confidently use the platform to engage with each other.
  3. Enables Buyers and Sellers of specific product categories to connect. While trade shows create physical zones and halls to segregate exhibitors–digital technology enables us to make it even easier for buyers to locate the suppliers they seek. In other words, while the digital event can cater to a larger variety of exhibitors and audiences, it can provide simple tools to audiences to identify the exhibitors they seek. In other words, the Long Tail of exhibitors is possible now.
  4. Enables Exhibitors to exhibit their innovations and new products. Again, this can easily be achieved through TWC too. In fact, our platform enables you to provide supporting documents such as price lists, white-papers, videos, etc without having to invest in bags, kits, USB drives, print-outs, etc.
  5. Enables Exhibitors to build a list of prospects: Here again, a digital platform does better than a traditional one. At TWC, you will not be required to store any business cards or scan any badges of visitors. You will get data of all visitors who engage with you (and allow sharing of their data) automatically, at the end of the day.
  6. Enables touch and feel of products. Online Only expo will not enable this. But, we hope that for many Tech products and solutions–touch and feel is not an important consideration. And, for those exhibitors who need this aspect–we would (humbly) not advise them to exhibit at an Online Only event.

Q. What does Tech World Congress stand for–as an event?

A. At EFY, we have always believed that Technology Drives Us (sometimes, it drives us crazy too). And, we have been blessed to have a deep connection with the techies who either create or deploy technology. They are going to be the target audience for Tech World Congress (TWC).

Q. How would you define TWC–a B2B or a B2C event?

A. While every audience is going to be an individual per se, but because the decisions they are going to be making will be related to their work–hence, TWC will be a B2B (trade) show by classical definition.

Q. Why the @Home in front of TWC?

A. Given the lock-down across the globe, there are high chances that our audience will be operating from home than offices. Hence, the addition of ‘@Home’ to represent the current reality.

Q. Do I have to Register to explore the event?

A. Without registering, you will be able to get a taste of the event but not be able to enter the Exhibition Halls or attend LIVE conferences, seminars or workshops.

Q. When will Visitor Registration start? And will it involve authenticating contact details?

A. Registration for the Trial Edition will start on 27th of April (if not earlier). For the Main Edition, registration will start from 4th of May 2020. You will see that option turn up on this website.

Registration will involve double authentication–mobile # and email-ID. Once you authenticate both–you will be able to see all details.

We suggest that you register before the event–to avoid any hassles or delays once the event starts rolling.

Q. Will this event scale to any number of visitors possible?

A. Ideally–YES. We have built this event-platform on a Cloud (PAAS) platform to enable it to take in varying loads of visitors. But, if we see our services getting compromised at any level, we may decide to stop new visitor sessions to balance the load.

Q. What is the difference between the Trial Edition and the Main Edition? Why the Trial Edition?

A. We understand that this is a new idea. And new ideas face hiccups in the beginning. We want to use the Trial Edition to enable a specific set of exhibitors and audiences to try out the platform and share their feedback and suggestions.

Plus, whatever amount of Quality Checks we may perform at our end, we will not get to know system flaws unless an event is held using the platform.