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Date: 29th October 2021, Friday

Design Unconference

While the current pandemic has really altered the way all of us have been used to working, it has also provided opportunities that we never knew existed. For instance, with the start of online events on our virtual events platform – Tech World Congress – in May 2020, we realized the advantages that virtual conferences bring along. For instance, it is now possible to reach global audience through a single conference and also feasible to hold conferences on topics that are out-of-the-box.

EFY is bringing one such out-of-the-box concept with its upcoming conference on 29th October 2021.
It's called Design Unconference. Here are some of the highlights on the same:

  • The (un)conference will bring together some brilliant talks on electronics design, which will not be specific to any sector or application
  • That’s why, these talks will not follow any set pattern
  • You can expect to see a talk on automotive design, immediately followed by one on industrial sensors design
  • As long as it is related to design, everything is welcome

Who Should Attend?

Design Engineers

Embedded Engineers

R&D Managers

IoT Designers

Sr. Technology Leaders


Conference Agenda