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CTMS Endowment Series: Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Power

World Telecommunication & Information Society Day 2023

Date: 17th May, 2023, Wednesday
Venue: Zoom

On World Telecom Day 2022, CTMS relaunched itself with EFY Group through keynotes by eminent ICT industry professionals on the Zoom platform. CTMS Honorary Convener, Mohan Raju presided the relaunch and set forth the charter of CTMS. On the occasion of World Telecom & Information Society Day 2023, CTMS in its endowment series presents an intellectual perspective of how “Artificial Intelligence” is driving and will be the driving force in all aspects of life in the future that is ahead of us. Details of the session and schedule is detailed in the agenda below.

::: Agenda :::

World Telecom & Information Society Day 2023 - Wednesday, 17 May 2023, CTMS

Solo Session

Duration: 10 Minutes
Timing: 18:30 – 18:40
Speaker: Host

Duration: 10 Minutes
Timing: 18:40 – 18:50
Speaker: Mohan Raju, Hon. Convener, CTMS

Duration: 5 Minutes
Timing: 18:50 – 18:55
Speaker: AK Samgamkar, Secretarty, IETE

Duration: 5 Minutes
Timing: 18:55 – 19:00
Speaker: Host

Duration: 25 Minutes
Timing: 19:00 – 19:25
Speaker: Chief Guest Shri. Rajiv Malhotra, Chairman, Infinity Foundation USA

Duration: 15 Minutes
Timing: 19:25 – 19:40
Speaker: Special Guest Shri. P.Balaprasad, Chief Innovation Officer, TCS

Duration: 10 Minutes
Timing: 19:40 – 19:50
Speaker: Special Guest Sri Chandrasekharan, Sr. Director IEEE

Duration: 15 Minutes
Timing: 19:50 – 20:05
Speaker: Shri. TH Chowdary, Founder, CTMS

Duration: 5 Minutes
Timing: 20:05 – 20:10
Speaker: Host


Dr. T.H.Chowdary
Founder, CTMS
Founding Chairman & MD, VSNL
Chief Guest

Shri. Rajiv Malhotra

Chairman, Infinity Foundation USA

Sri Srikanth Chandrasekaran

Country Head – IEEE India
Global Lead – Foundational Technologies Practice, IEEE SA


Hon. Convener, CTMS

Bala Prasad Peddigari

Chief Innovation Officer, TCS

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