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Visitor Analytics & Details Provided

Happy to share that today (2nd of May), before the Trial Edition ended, we were able to provide a feature that our Exhibitors had repeatedly requested–Visitor Analytics & Contact Details.

Yes! Now, our exhibitors can view trends and contact details of Visitors who engaged with them.

But, what does it mean by “engaged with them”?

It refers to any visitor who either clicked to connect with the LIVE Personnel of an exhibitor OR clicked to drop their card.


How can we make it special for the First 44–who invested in the TWC platform, before anyone else did?

That’s a question we threw at our Product team, and they came back with the feature wherein these exhibitors could track and access more details of visitors interacting with their booth.

To put it simply, these exhibitors can now access details for these additional actions by visitors:

  1. Visitor visits their Exhibitor Page (e-Booth)
  2. Visitor views any of their Exhibits (their products)
  3. Visitor clicks on any of the downloadable documents of their exhibits
  4. Visitor clicks on the Additional Info URL for any of their exhibits

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