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The Trial Edition: We Were Blessed

The TRIAL EDITION of Tech World Congress was held on 1st and 2nd of May 2020.

As expected, it had its own share of disasters. One of the biggest challenge our exhibitors faced is that their logins kept disconnected and they had to keep taking our help to log back in. Our visitors faced similar issues too. Around 4.30pm of 1st of May, they experienced pages that never seems to load. But, despite all this–we ended the TRIAL EDITION filled with gratitude for all the blessings we had received.

What Blessings?

First, 44 exhibitors–we call them our FIRST 44–placed their trust on us and our concept and invested their money in the Trial Edition. They faced a lot of trouble and hardships during the TRIAL EDITION, but kept sharing their feedback and suggestions on errors we need to rectify and aspects we need to improve upon. All of them had an option to see refund–none asked! If that’s not a blessing–then what is? Especially, in days like these–when everyone is looking at cutting costs.

Next, 6,000-plus visitors (as per Google statistics) visited the Trial Edition and interacted with these exhibitors. This is despite the fact that our Invites clearly mentioned that this was a Trial Edition–and we were inviting those who were ready to face the issues of a Trial and share feedback. Our Help Desk team handled over 600 inquiries over the 2 days. They were able to resolve many issues, some remained. The biggest issue stemmed from the fact that our website was not ready for Mobile Devices, and roughly half of our visitors were using mobile devices. (We are committed towards making the website mobile-friendly for the Main Edition starting 13th May 2020.) But, our visitors did not give up on us. They kept using the platform. Sometimes logging back in multiple times.

And, at the end of each day–we received their emails. Emails sharing the problems they faced. Email sharing suggestions on how we can improve. We were not paying them anything for this. There were no Free Gifts. It was their blessings. And, we are deeply obliged.

The Vital Statistics

Here’s what emerged as key statistics from Google Analytics:

  1. 6,200+ unique visitors over 2 days
  2. 10% of them were outside India–5% being from the USA (our timings were not US conducive)
  3. 27% of visitors returned on Day 2

And, what was our target for visitors during the Trial Edition? We had set a target of 3,000 to 5,000 visitors for the 2 day event!

Thank you. Thank you. And, Thank you All.


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