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Self-Help Videos for Exhibitors

How can we enable our exhibitors to maximise returns from the platform? How can we help exhibitors avoid mistakes?

These questions became very important when we realised that despite providing dashboard and tool tips on all entry screens–some of the exhibitors were not using all the important features of the platform.

Hence, we decided to quickly shoot short videos and publish them on this website.

Some of the important TIPs that we’ve put together, include:

  1. AVAILABLE: Getting a grasp of the 5 basic elements of the exhibitor management system?
  2. AVAILABLE: Who is the Controller? Who is LIVE Personnel? How to Update details of LIVE Personnel?
  3. AVAILABLE: How to set up your exhibitor page? Which details are crucial? Which are optional?
  4. AVAILABLE: How to publish your Exhibits? Which details are crucial?
  5. AVAILABLE: What is the right way of publishing a video in your exhibit?
  6. AVAILABLE: How to display your exhibits in the right Halls?
  7. How to set up video conferencing system using free or paid tools to enable face to face interactions?
    • AVAILABLE: How to set up video conferencing using Google Hangout or Google Meet (Recommended)
    • AVAILABLE: How to set up Skype video conferencing system
  8. COMING SOON: What types of stats can you get for visitors, and how to access them?
  9. COMING SOON: How to make sure your LIVE Personnel are not shown as BUSY when available

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