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DAILY MEETS on the web

We realised that there is a need for us to expand our capability to meet customers who want to explore investing in TWC or have already invested in the platform, but want to know how to maximise returns.

To cater to growing demand for these meetings, we have set up a schedule for DAILY MEETS on the web. Two different sets of meetings have been scheduled. And both sets will be done twice in a day to cater to the needs of customers from different geographies.

Both these meetings are for 15 to 20 minutes only–where our team shares answers to common questions. Then, they open the floor to answer specific queries.

MEETING #1: To Invest or Not to Invest? (For those wanting to know more about TWC, its target audience, deliverables, RoI, etc)

MEETING #2: Maximise Returns from TWC (For those who’ve invested in TWC and wanting to know how to maximise returns from it)

For more details on timings and web-address of these meetings, please click on the title of the respective meeting.

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