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ADD TO LIST Feature for Visitors

How can we help visitors to remember the exhibitors and exhibits they had liked? To solve that issue–our team came up with a new feature where users will be able to click a button titled Add to List on their screen, and the exhibitor or the exhibit will get added to their respective lists.

The visitors will be able to access this list–even after the event. As of now, we are confirming a duration of 3 months after the event, but this may get extended. Plus, we will soon be creating an option for them to download these lists on to their systems–and the lists will come with relevant information like URLs, contact details, etc shared on that page.


We are sharing contact details of those visitors who engage with an exhibitor or their exhibits. Add to List is also an engagement. Hence, this is an additional parameter based on which exhibitors would like to track which visitors added their organisation or their exhibits to their lists.

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