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Investment Up By 50%

Investment Up

After witnessing a successful proof of concept of an ‘Online Only’ Expo in the form of the Trial Edition of Tech World Congress, and more importantly receiving testimonials from some members of the FIRST 44, we have decided to increase the rates of the Standard Booths from Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 (plus GST) for Indian Exhibitors, and from US$ 175 to US$ 265 for international exhibitors.

In other words, the value of investments by the FIRST 44 has increased by 50% already!

We are committed towards making them super proud of their decision to invest in the Trial Edition. So keep watching this space–for further updates on how the early investors will continue to benefit over those who join in later.

2 thoughts on “Investment Up By 50%”

    1. Dear Brijesh Ji

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject. But, while you’re right that there could be fear & discomfort stopping clients to be amongst the First 44–but we had provided the Money Back Guarantee to ensure there was Zero Risk for exhibitors.

      As per us, it would be unfair to the Early Investors if they did not see a benefit of taking the risk early.

      Plus, Early Bird pricing is the norm of the events (and a lot of services-oriented) industry.

      Lastly, the increase in rates were not much–a mere Rs 5,000.

      We hope in the overall scheme of things, you’ll agree with our strategy, and perhaps recommend it to others too.

      Best Wishes

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