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TWC Becomes Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly

“I can’t seem to see your interface well. I am using a mobile phone.”

Those were the words we feared the most during the Trial Edition.

We had decided to go all-in for launching TWC in the last week of March ’20. Hence, we had only 30 days to design the platform, develop it, and do basic tests, start driving registrations of visitors and exhibitors. We knew we may never get the time to create a truly Responsive Design, code it and then test it.

Plus, being an expo that requires longer screen time, we believed that the desktop would be the best interface to interact with the platform.

When we looked our analytics–the writing on the wall was clear. Desktop users engaged with the platform far longer (5 times longer) than mobile users. Now was it because mobile users did not want to spend time, or was that our interface did not make it easy for them?

We believe it’s the latter.

Hence, for the Main Edition (13th to 15th May 2020)–our team is rolling out the Mobile-friendly version of TWC for the visitors. The screens for exhibitors still remain Designed-for-Desktop, for now.

Looking forward to interaction between exhibitors and visitors increasing multi-fold with this new capability of the platform.

But, if you faced an issue, please do write in to us at OR let our team managing the Help Desk know about the problem faced.

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