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Your Global Team Can Be Present Here…

Global Team @ Work

This is one aspect where an Online Only expo completely beats a traditional expo–hands down.

Let me take the case of a Components Distributor with dozens of principals from all across the globe. In a traditional expo, if a customer wants to know details about a particular component–either the representative of that brand needs to be there at the booth OR you have to say “sorry, we will get back to you.”

But, in an Online Only expo–if you alert your principals well in advance, you could have their team members available LIVE to handle any query that may come for your brand.

Similar advantage is for any firm whose technical team members may be busy at an installation but know the right answers to the question of a customer. You can beam them in.

But, can’t I do both of these in a traditional expo? Yes, you can. But, then the moment you beam them in, you switch to a digital arena.

NUTSHELL: Digital can do what traditional does, and better.

6 thoughts on “Your Global Team Can Be Present Here…”

  1. Online only expo is good concept because of the below detailed.advantages.
    1.Time and money saving by not visiting stall .
    2. Full information can be obtained by online clarification of doubts labour cost
    4.paperless exhibition and download and save required info immediately and save for future usage and analysation.

    1. Thanks a lot Mr Venkata Kurakula for echoing our sentiments on the subject. Hope to see you use our platform soon.

  2. Its a good generation work was done. I think it is good performance for doing great job.very appreciable work. i have attained this “INDIA TECHNOLOGY WEEK”.But we dont get the certificate.your system says that after the ending of all online activities we get a certificate. But It is not done by your side.i think it is good to start for the future.

    1. Certificates for all Visitors (who attended any of the editions of ITW) have been issued and published under their login section. If you attended the June edition, you will see the certificate for June. If you attended May, June & July–you will see certificates for all three!

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