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Target 10K. Achieved 11.5K!

Thank You

We cannot thank our tech community enough for the super encouraging response that they gave to our first edition of Tech World Congress (May Edition).

We had set a target of 7.5K as the base figure to achieve. 10k was to be the figure which meant that we had done well. But, when we tallied the total number of unique visitors who visited the May 2020 edition of ITW@Home–we were left humbled and grateful. Our new-born platform was blessed with the presence of 11,500-plus visitors who actively interacted with our exhibitors. (NOTE: The actual figure of Google Analytics was 14.8K for unique visitors but we discounted those that did not interact a lot (low page-view count).

So, here are the broad data-points that indicate how things fared for India’s first Online Only Expo-cum-Conference on Tech:


Total Unique Visitors: 11,500-plus
% Visitors Who Returned: 39.8%
Average Visits per e-Booth*: 300-plus
% Visitors Outside India: 12.1%
Panel Discussions: 5
Panel Discussions: 5
Tech Talks: 24
Industry Experts as Speakers: 45
Delegates for Conferences: 1,600-plus
% of Delegates Attending Expo: 81.5%
Exhibitors: 60
No. of Logouts during Event**: 1 (1st day, 2nd half)


* Visit per e-Booth is determined by adding unique numbers of visitors who visited the Exhibitor Page and/or any of the Exhibits Page.
* We had expected a log-out on 3rd day too, but the server was updated without any logouts. Logouts happened whenever we had to update a large volume of code across the website.


We looked at our analytics to see what were the themes that attracted most audience, and here are the TOP 10:

1) Electronics and IoT
2) New Products 
3) Tech for Industrial
4) Made in India 
5) Innovations 
6) Cutting Edge Tech
7) Electronics Components 
8) Work from Home Solutions 
9) Tech for Automotive 
10) IT Solutions for IoT 

While the Top 10 define the most popular themes, we still believe that an Online Only Expo provides a great opportunity for Long-tail exhibitors too. And, our data provides insights to prove the same.

For example, you may never see a separate hall or pavilion for exhibitors seeking Dealers & Distributors in a traditional expo. We had one. And, it ranked #11! Another rare-themed hall for ‘Inventory Sales’ drew visitors equivalent to 25% who visited the #1 hall!

We are still working on developing more insightful analytics based on data collected. And, we will keep sharing it with you–from time to time. But, if you feel there’s some specific info we should look into and share–do let us know.



2 thoughts on “Target 10K. Achieved 11.5K!”

  1. Hello,

    We are looking especially for Defense and Aerospace market segment, Visitors like from BEL, HAL, BHEL, ISRO, URSC, DRDO labs etc as example. If May edition, What is the visitor percentage ???

    Harish Lava

    1. Dear Harish,

      We did get quite a few visitors from all these organisations at ITW@Home’s May edition. However, given the large number of audience that visited, B2B visitors from aerospace & defence sector comprised 5% of overall B2B visitors. For more details, refer to our detailed post-show report:

      Best Wishes,
      Team, ITW@Home

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