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Business Partner Network

ITW's Business Partner Network

TWC invites like-minded individuals and organisations to join our Business Partner Network.

Our Business Partners are expected to promote the benefits of TWC platform amongst their circle-of-influence. And, TWC will in turn share a % of revenue earned (details below) with the Business Partners.

We have set up a transparent Online system for Business Partners to register, decide their promo code, and share their bank details–so that we can pay them their dues.

The same system has a login screen, which allows our Business Partners to view bookings made against their promo code, and revenues earned.


  1. Partner Bonus for 1st sign-up is 5%.
  2. Partner Bonus for every subsequent sign-up, it’s 10%.
  3. Partner Bonus for every renewal it’s 7.5%–including the first sign up–for a period of 12 months.
  4. Partner Bonus is on all services taken by the firm which signed-up with your PROMO CODE.
  5. Partner Bonus does NOT include taxes like GST–hence is of amount excluding GST.
  6. Partner Bonus will be paid within 7 days of the event being held.
  7. Partner Bonus will NOT be applicable if the exhibitor executes Money Back Guarantee–hence, partners should advice TWC to firms that they are convinced will benefit.
  8. EFY can change these terms at any point of time with a notice for 7 days.
  9. These changes will not be retrospective, but will apply for all deals signed after the new announcement.
  10. Each Partner is expected to have a registered PAN associated to their account.

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