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How Does TWC Reduce Cost of Sales?

Reduce Cost of Sales

Here’s how TWC works towards enabling your team to connect with customers from all across India, and few (12%) from across the globe too…

  1. Tech World Congress is essentially an online-only event platform, and its first edition was held from 13th to 15th May 2020. You can see a short video of how it works by CLICKING HERE.
  2. It is based on the DIY concept (Do It Yourself). Here, you setup an e-Booth, which typically takes just 1 to 2 hours.
  3. Through your e-Booth, you promote your best products and offers as Exhibits.
  4. Your e-Booth also lists your LIVE Personnel—your team members who can be LIVE during the event to interact with visitors.
  5. We conduct the event like a traditional event, as in we’ve set dates and times for the main event.
  6. The visitors keep on registering (or re-registering) for the event.
  7. On the day of the events—they are sent communication to remind them about visiting the event.
  8. During the event, they get to see all exhibitors and find the ones they need through: (1) List of Exhibitors and (2) Search.
  9. Visitors can search on name of exhibitors or keywords for their products or services.
  10. When visitors find the exhibitors they are looking for—they come to their e-Booth and look at their exhibits  which may include: (i) key details of the exhibit, (ii) it’s photo/image, (iii)  downloadable brochure, (iv) link to website for more info and (v) video.
  11. When visitors like what they see, they choose to interact with your LIVE Personnel, and they may do this through: (i) calling them, (ii) connecting over WhatsApp or (iii) through a face-to-face video conference call.
  12. If your personnel are busy, visitors can also ‘Drop their cards’ or add your firm or exhibit to their list.
  13. We provide you with a Reporting Engine which provides you with all info—how many came to your booth, which exhibit, how many clicked to call, how many dropped card, etc.
  14. You also get database of all the visitors (automatically) who engaged with you i.e. (i) Clicked to Call or (ii) Dropped their cards.
  15. The Bazooka Feature: This is something we have added recently—starting June 2020 edition. Here, your team gets the power to see designations of all registrants and visitors—and get tools to filter them, so they can identify their best target audience. Then, your team can approach these people and Invite to Connect (like LinkedIn). If they approve, then your team can start communicating with them. This feature remains ON till 10 days after the event.

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