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Money Back Guarantee: Our Promise

Commitment to Guarantee

The Electronics For You team offers a Money Back Guarantee to new customers so that it never ends up charging a client who has not received an adequate Return of Investment.

GUIDING PHILOSOPHY: We do NOT want to have a single Unhappy Customer. We’d rather return your money and have the face to invite you again–when we believe we’ve improved.

There are actually TWO different options for new customers:

  1. You can opt for the TRIAL booth, which is for FREE, but comes with very limited feature set
  2. You can opt for the STANDARD booth, and avail the Money Back Guarantee

How does the Money Back Guarantee work?

  1. It’s simple–you have till the middle of the show to send a message to our team at that you are unhappy. You can also WhatsApp on our central WhatsApp account.

2. The team will immediately shut off your e-Booth, and initiate refund of your money–no questions asked.

3. You will receive your refund within 7 working days, though our attempt will be to pay you the next day itself.

4. As an example, if it’s a 3 day show, from 17th to 19th of a month–then you can raise the Red Flag by sending an email by 2 pm of 18th.

5. IMP: All clients covered under Money Back Guarantee–get their Customers’ List released after the the mid-point, so if you have opted for refund, your Engagement database will not be shared with you.

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