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Tips for Success

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We looked at our exhibitors who tasted success, and those who did not.

We realised that it was not a matter of their product category, nor a matter of their target audience, but a matter of the setup of their eBooth—rather how Attractive was their eBooth.

This presentations shares all the TIPs we have learnt from our Best Exhibitors…

  • Use a Checklist
    • We have put together a checklist on our website, for you to download and share with team for fast working
  • Plan your exhibits—promote most attractive offerings
    • Need not be products. Can be Offers, Discounts, Jobs, etc
    • Try and change every month
    • Give preference to options such as New Products, Innovative Solutions, Dealer Invites, etc
  • Select your Best Exhibit wisely
    • Select the best out of all your exhibits to attract max visitors
    • Best Exhibit is visible under List of Exhibitors
    • Best Exhibit is also visible under Spotlight (Standard & Premium eBooths)
  • Write titles of exhibits should be like ad-copy
    • Make them like ad copy—attractive and self-explanatory
    • Highlight what’s special or unique about the product or offer
    • You have 10 words/100 characters
  • Image of exhibit is IMP
    • Keep it simple—plan it from the view of a thumbnail (and not full size)
  • Selection of keywords for search
    • Think how would your customers search for you or your product
  • Select the right Shows & Halls (one exhibit per one show)
    • Our each show reflects a different audience—creators, manufacturers and business-decision makers
    • If your exhibit is demonstratable across multiple shows—then you need to create it multiple times
    • Do remember to customise the title, copy-text, etc to address the new audience
  • Add Video for max impact
    • Can shoot simple video from your phone
    • Video of demo of your product or tips related to your offering
  • Add download document
    • Can be Price-list, Data-sheet, Catalogue, FAQ–anything that provides additional info for the visitor
    • Enables you to know visitors who’re interested in your exhibit (Level 2)
    • You miss out on Level 2 database
  • Provide the Link for more info
    • Page on website for more info
    • You miss out on Level 2 database
  • LIVE Personnel: Make sure your personnel are ‘Available’, when not busy
  • LIVE Personnel: Must provide phone # for clients to call them (Level 1 data!)
  • LIVE Personnel: Provide WhatsApp # for chat to enable visitors’ interaction to increase (Level 1 data!)
  • LIVE Personnel: Provide Link for Video Call for visitors’ interaction to increase (Level 1 data!)
  • Booth Poster: Improve the brand image of your firm by placing a nice image or a design of one of your booths
    • Should be minimum 1200 X 600 (aspect ratio: 2:1)
    • Do NOT put a smaller image at all—better NOT to put

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