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What’s New in TWC 4.0?

New Features @ ITW

The July edition will witness the 4th edition of India Technology Week @Home platform. Here’s a list of improvements we hope to deliver though this edition…


  1. Interface for mobile-phone users made simpler and easier
  2. VIP Login for repeat users—login via email ID only (contact info protected by password)
  3. Shows Simplified: CREATEtech, MANUFACTUREtech and PROFITfromtech
  4. List of Exhibits improved: it will display Best Exhibits of exhibitors too, besides name of exhibitors
  5. Exhibits in sync with the Show—by enforcing the restriction that one exhibit can be allocated to a single show only


  1. Larger database of visitors being provided.
  2. Screens for Sales Teams Improved: Easier to do other work while managing ITW inquiries
  3. Exhibitor Dashboard Simplified—manage everything from a single screen
  4. WhatsApp Chat for all LIVE Personnel—so visitors can chat with all your LIVE Personnel
  5. Database of visitors being segregated across 3 levels—to help exhibitors manage their response accordingly.
  6. V IMP: Download data across 3 levels:
    1. Level 1:Contact details of visitors who engaged with you i.e. where visitors clicked to call, chat or dropped their business card
    2. Level 2: Contact details of visitors who engaged with content of your booth i.e. added to briefcase, downloaded document, clicked on your website, etc.
    3. Level 3: Contact details of visitors who engaged with your e-Booth i.e. viewed more than one page together
  7. Bazooka feature being improved to make Management of Invites easier
  8. NEW RESTRICTION: To improve the quality of exhibits for visitors, we have now enforced that one exhibit can be selected for one show only—but you can opt for multiple halls within that show


Our experience has shown that many of our exhibitors who came on board as TRIAL or LITE have upgraded their e-Booths. Therefore, we have decided to adopt a ‘TRIAL FIRST’ strategy, where we are making it easier and more lucrative for firms to try out our platform. Here are the improvements done in this regard:

  1. Number of Exhibits increased for TRIAL and LITE exhibitors
  2. All types of engagements enabled for TRIAL and LITE exhibitors—but limit on number of engagements
  3. Analytics can be viewed by all categories of Exhibitors

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