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Improvements for Sales Personnel (LIVE Personnel)

Sales personnel

We had goofed up, big time. And, we had not clue.

Simply put—we focused a lot on the Visitor experience and that of the Controller, but forgot about the LIVE Personnel (the sales & inside sales personnel logged into the system). Thanks to an exhibitor who shared her feedback–we realised our mistake.

In hind-sight it seems “stupid”.

Good news is—we have made amends and added a lot of features to make the platform useful for sales personnel. The biggest one: you get to see details of visitors and how they’re interacting on the booth—along with the contact details. Hence, you can reach out to them—if they don’t reach out to you.

  1. They now have access to List of Visitors, which is updated every 15 minutes–and can reach out to visitors, who did not reach out to them.
  2. They now have access to the Bazooka, and can start sending Invites to Connect. They also have a bird’s eye view of the quality of database of our registrants.
  3. They now have Sound Alerts to inform them of an incoming Chat on Whatsapp, Call on Video-conference OR Call on their Mobile phone. They no longer need to keep waiting for something to happen.
  4. The screen has been designed such that it can be resized to occupy half the area of the screen so that Sales personnel can continue
  5. We have added the Dashboard for LIVE Personnel so that they are aware about the settings of their e-Booth, and quotas consumed and available.

We made these improvements, because a customer shared her feedback. Can you oblige us by sharing yours?

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